Windows Of Opportunity

Education made simple

Our goal is to help everyone discover their opportunities in this dynamic world, get a high-quality modern education, and expand the boundaries of their future prospects.

Our task is to show you the possibilities of education without borders – geographical, intellectual or age.

We will always support you in your quest for the “three S’s” – Self-Development, Self-Realization and Self-Expression.

We will guide you through a lifelong educational journey.   Read more

Courses with work placement opportunities

Students study at the university for 10 months and can work for 10 months in collaboration with the university and college in their respective industry and profession.

Complete the last two years of university in Canada

If you study at good universities in Iran, we will help you to find universities which will accept your completed program modules. You can transfer to reputable Canadian universities.

UK Scholarships

Full scholarship for the duration of studies including tuition and living costs – UK

This offer is only open till mid-January 2020

Contact us for details

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