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GTA is a Cultural Exchange Organization dedicated and committed to work for the intellectual and personal development of its clients specially the students. Since its formation and accreditation in Iran in the early 2000’s GTA’s main goal has always been to help our young students to realize their dreams especially their desire to go abroad to study and/or work. Our mission is to advise participants of the best alternative for them, based on their interests.

We have different educational, recreational and exchange programs through which we have sent many students abroad. They include students of various ages and levels of study adults and younger students.

Mission: Provide personalized advice, both in the program chosen and in the entire process required, to realize the dream of every person who wishes to have an experience abroad.

Vision: To be an internationally renowned agency for the excellent service we provide to contribute to the integral growth of all our participants.

Our goal is to help everyone discover their opportunities in this dynamic world, get a high-quality modern education, and expand the boundaries of their future prospects.

Our task is to show you the possibilities of education without borders – geographical, intellectual or age.

We will always support you in your quest for the “three S’s” – Self-Development, Self-Realization and Self-Expression.

We will guide you through a lifelong educational journey.

For us every client is unique with a different story, own preferences and special requests; we listen, care and accommodate.

Our priorities in working with clients are: trusting relationships, providing a good choice of educational institutions and programs, professionalism in organising studies abroad from the first meeting to the last day of their curriculum.

Our partner institutions are all highly reputable, fully accredited and well established. They have been welcoming international students for many years.


University Courses

  پذیرش از بهترین و معتبرترین  دانشگاههای دنیا از مقاطع لیسانس تا دکترا


دوره های زبان – فراگیری زبانهای مورد نیاز برای ارتباطات در دنیای امروز شامل انگلیسی، آلمانی،  ایتالیایی و اسپانیایی


مدارس شبانه روزی با بهترین امکانات آموزشی و تربیتی و تفریحی با امن ترین محیط زندگی

Summer Courses

برای تابستان فرزندان خود از الان برنامه ریزی کنید. دوره های آموزش زبان انگلیسی، آلمانی، اسپانیایی همراه با دوره های تفریحی و سرگرمی وشاد برای فرزندان شما. 

Courses for Family

دوره های یادگیری زبان برای افراد خانواده. والدین می توانند در زمان یادگیری زبان  فرزندان، خود نیز در کلاسهای آموزش زبان شرکت کنید و ایام پر خاطره ای داشته باشید

Online Courses

دوره های آن لاین برای همه- به دست آوردن مدارک لیسانس و فوق لیسانس .  با صرفه جویی در وقت و هزینه ها از بهترین دانشگاههای دنیا  فارغ التحصیل شوید

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